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Finding Wholesome Entertainment with Biblical Values (w/ Felicia Ferguson) - Ep. 109

July 01, 2024
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Trying to find wholesome entertainment can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. As Christians, the most we usually hope for is entertainment that doesn’t undermine what we believe. But finding entertainment that actually reinforces Biblical values while wrestling through tough issues, does that even exist?

It does.

In this episode, Catherine is joined by author Felicia Ferguson to explore the world of redemptive fiction, a genre that tackles real-life issues from a biblical perspective. Felicia's latest novel, When Secrets Come Calling, could be ripped from today's headlines. The story centers on a dark secret that threatens to destroy the lives of a former couple. Felicia's characters turn to each other and then to God for hope and answers.

Catherine and Felicia also discuss the importance of finding inspiring stories that shine God's light, especially in a world where such content can be hard to come by. Together, they dive into the impact fiction can have in addressing tough topics and encouraging listeners to make a difference for God's kingdom.

Join Catherine and Felicia for a laid-back conversation that offers a refreshing break from the usual tough topics discussed on the show, and find the perfect beach read for your summer vacation.

BOOK GIVEAWAY!: Enter for a chance to win a copy of Felicia’s award-winning debut novel, The Choices She Made by subscribing HERE or responding to Catherine's Instagram post.    

GUEST BIO: Felicia achieved master’s degrees in Healthcare Administration and Speech-Language Pathology, but has written since childhood and dreamed of authoring books that teach and inspire others. An award-winning fiction and non-fiction freelance writer, she has published several devotions and sweet romance short stories. Her passion, however, is writing women’s fiction and romantic suspense with strong female characters who work through their traumas and tragedies using biblical principles and counseling techniques.

She is the past president of the Destin chapter of Word Weavers International, a member of the Pikes Peak Word Weavers chapter, the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, and incoming vice president of ACFW Colorado Springs. In 2024, she served as the conference coordinator for ACFW Colorado Springs’ Write in the Springs Conference. Her radio devotional, Build Faith for the Journey, airs Saturdays on Christian Mix 106.


Felicia Ferguson’s Website & Instagram

When Secrets Come Calling

The Choices She Made (debut novel)

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Meet Your Host
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