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How Does a Committed Church Kid Become a Drag Queen? (with Blake Howard) - Episode 59

April 10, 2023
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We've all heard the story of a kid in the church youth group who is now on a destructive path. Many parents are living this story. Sometimes the lessons we teach our kids don’t stick. The faith we hand down doesn’t become their own. They have outside influences that erode the foundation that us parents seek so diligently to build.


In this episode, Catherine shares a cautionary tale of a young man who was raised in the church, in the Bible belt, and yet he chose a very destructive path. Blake Howard found love and affirmation under layers of make-up and pounds fake body parts. There are a lot of lessons that parents can learn from his story. Catherine and Blake discuss:


  • Why we need to talk to our kids about sex early, and how to go about that.
  • The effects of bullying on kids who are struggling in the area of sexuality.
  • How the church often reinforces unhealthy ideas about gender.
  • How to help our kids understand masculinity and femininity.
  • The effects of worldly affirmation.


Along the way, you will see how a church kid can slowly descend into a life of sexual confusion and gender dysphoria, all from a guy who has been there and has a lot of wisdom to offer.


And while today’s tale is tragic, in the very next episode you will hear how this same young man went from being a drag queen to being a minister of the Gospel.


 Only God could write a story like that!


Blake Howard is the Associate Pastor & Creative Director at Xtreme Harvest Church in San Antonio, TX. Blake graduated from Ramp School of Ministry in Hamilton, AL.


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Episode Links:

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