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How Is Equality Impossible without the Christian Worldview? (w/ Dr. Douglas Groothuis) - Ep. 92

February 26, 2024
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Something in the human soul cries out for equality. It is certainly a virtue that our culture lauds and espouses.


Where does the idea of equality come from?

Can we arrive at the concept of equality from a naturalistic or humanistic worldview?

How do we obtain equality?


Catherine’s special guest in this episode is an expert in the fields of philosophy, theology, and apologetics. Dr. Douglas Groothuis has devoted an entire chapter of his recent book Fire in the Streets: How You Can Confidently Respond to Incendiary Cultural Topics to the topic of equality. The necessary foundation for equality is a huge argument in favor of the Christian faith and the Christian worldview.


The renowned atheistic historian Yuval Noah Harari openly admits in his bestselling book, Sapiens, that “the Americans got the idea of equality from Christianity, which argues that every person has a divinely created soul, and that all souls are equal before God.”


It is impossible to ground the concept of equality without the Christian worldview, which says that we are created in the image of a personal, loving, all-powerful, all-knowing God. We have all fallen short of His glory, so Christ paid an equal price to redeem us.


There is no basis for equality without the Christian God and the Christian worldview. Catherine and Dr. Groothuis unpack the concept of equality in this episode, and in doing so they arrive at a powerful argument in favor of the Christian faith. Our kids in live in a world that demands equality. We need to help them see where it comes from.


GROOTHUIS’ BIO: Dr. Groothuis holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy (University of Oregon, 1993) has served a Professor of Philosophy and the head of the apologetics and ethics program at Denver Seminary since 1993. He is looking forward to a new chapter as the distinguished university research professor of apologetics and Christian worldview at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of nineteen books, including the popular and voluminous textbook, Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith, 2nd ed.(IVP Academic, 2022), as well as a poignant memoir, Walking Through Twilight: A Wife’s Illness—a Philosopher’s Lament(InterVarsity, 2017), and a bold critique of Critical Race Theory, Fire in the Streets (Salem Books, 2022).


Dr. Groothuis’ website

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Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith by Dr. Douglas Groothuis

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Meet Your Host
Catherine Segars is an award-winning actress and playwright—turned stay-at-home-mom—turned author, speaker, blogger, and motherhood apologist. This homeschooling mama of five has a master’s degree in communications and is earning a master’s degree in Christian apologetics. Catherine helps parents navigate through dangerous secular landmines to establish a sound Biblical foundation for their kids. Author of the e-book Five Myths about Motherhood That Make You Feel Mere, And Why They're Wrong, Catherine is also passionate about helping mothers see their worth in a season when they often feel overwhelmed and irrelevant. You can find Catherine’s blog, dramatic blogcast, and other writings at and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.
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