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How To Learn More Scripture in 2024 Than You Ever Have Before! (w/ Zac Fitzsimmons) - Ep. 84

December 26, 2023
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King David said, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11)


As Believers, we know that we are supposed to hide God’s Word in our hearts, but most of have a really heard time retaining Scripture. We know that a verse is somewhere in a certain book of the Bible, and we sort of know what it says—but we can’t quote it, or even find it without an aid.


What if there were some simple techniques that helped Scripture to stick in your memory and reside in your heart?


There are.


In this special New Year’s episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, Catherine shares her tried and true method for memorizing Scripture. Her secret is the power of song. And she welcomes Zac Fitzsimmons, an insanely talented singer/songwriter to share his music with the CP/CW audience.


Zac is devoted to creating powerful, anointed songs from word-for-word passages of Scripture. He sings Psalm 1 and Psalm 8 live in this episode, and Catherine sings harmony. Catherine also shares the proven method she uses for committing Scripture to memory with her kids through song and sign language.


And Catherine issues a challenge to memorize one verse a week this year using a Scripture song—just one verse a week. Even if you fall short of 52 verses in 2024, you will have memorized quite a few and you will have soaked in God’s Word intently and intentionally, and that meditation will bear a lot of fruit in your life and in your family.


So join Catherine’s challenge to learn more Scripture in 2024 than you ever have before!


You can email Catherine to offer feedback and tell her about your Bible memory plan for the new year at


Zac Fitzsimmons Bio: Zac is a Christian singer/songwriter from Minnesota, USA. He has led various congregations in musical worship for over twenty years and is most known for his ongoing endeavor of writing music and melodies to the Psalms word for word from the English Standard Version of the Bible. These songs are being discovered by people worldwide as valuable tools for soaking in the scriptures in a new way and aiding in scripture memorization. You can find links to the audio, lyric videos and chord charts at


You can also find Zac on YouTube and Instagram.


To receive downloads of Zac & Catherine’s live perform of Psalm 8, Zac’s performance of Psalm 1, and all of Catherine’s Scripture songs, and pro tips for memorizing the Bible, subscribe at Catherine’s website:




See Catherine’s complimentary article on Crosswalk: “Learn More Scripture This Year with This #1 Proven Method




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Meet Your Host
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