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Infidelity in Marriage: How To Find Restoration after An Affair (w/ Josh & Katie Walters) - Ep. 90

February 12, 2024
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Is it possible for a marriage to recover from infidelity? Can the emotional wounds of an affair ever be a thing of the past? Can trust be rebuilt after betrayal?


Catherine’s special guests in this episode answer those questions with a resounding “yes!” Josh and Katie Walters, authors of New Marriage, Same Couple: Don’t Let Your Worst Days Be Your Last Days, had a marriage that was rocked to the core from an affair that nearly destroyed their relationship. Their restoration required grace, forgiveness, hope, and leaning into God like never before, but now their marriage is the epitome of love and fulfillment that we all long for with our spouses.


In this raw conversation, Josh shares how the desperation of his darkest hours fed a hunger for God like never before, and that hunger brought hope and healing. Katie shares how she found in Christ a loving Savior who is kinder than anyone we know. Piece by piece, God put their marriage back together and has given them a ministry to restore other marriages.


The enemy has come to steal our marriages, our children, our families, our futures, but God is committed to bring abundant life into our closest relationships. Josh and Katie Walters have experienced this reality first hand and they seek to share that redemption with others.


Josh’s Bio: Josh has been on staff at Seacoast Church for the last 14 years where he currently serves as the Executive Pastor for Seacoast Experience. He is a member of the Teaching Team and helps oversee what happens in person and online each weekend.


Katie’s Bio: Katie serves on the Experience Team at Seacoast Church and teaches as well. She is the CEO of Francis and Benedict, a fashion line that creates waxprint clothing hand made by single moms and widows in Togo, Africa.




Josh & Katie’s Website

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New Marriage, Same Couple: Don’t Let Your Days Be Your Last Days

New Marriage, Same Couple Workbook

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John 10:10

Romans 5:3-5

Romans 4:17

John 16:33

Hebrews 11:6


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Meet Your Host
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