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Six Problems We Encounter When It Comes to Judging - Episode 41

September 05, 2022
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As parents, we have to judge the actions of our kids. And we live in families, neighborhoods, communities, and churches where we hold each other accountable. So sometimes that requires us to assess the actions of other people. (Especially the little people who live with us.) We have to consider the fruit in people’s lives, as Jesus said to do. And they have to do that with us as well.

But in that process, there can be some problems. If not done properly, judging can create wounds in our lives and in the lives of our kids. We want to avoid these pitfalls, so we need to address them head on.

In this episode, Catherine continues in a series on judging by discussing the problems we encounter when it comes to examining the lives of others. They are:

1. Judging the motive, not the action.
2. Adding to God’s standard.
3. Judging without love.
4. Judging with grace.
5. Thinking that stating God’s standard is judging.
6. Not judging at all.

Knowing these difficulties can help us to avoid some serious spiritual hazards and heal from relationship wounds.


Matthew 7:1-3
1 Corinthians 5:9-13
Luke 19:11-12
Psalm 103:12
John 8:1-11


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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Catherine Segars is an award-winning actress and playwright—turned stay-at-home-mom—turned author, speaker, blogger, and motherhood apologist. This homeschooling mama of five has a master’s degree in communications and is earning a master’s degree in Christian apologetics. Catherine helps parents navigate through dangerous secular landmines to establish a sound Biblical foundation for their kids. Author of the e-book Five Myths about Motherhood That Make You Feel Mere, And Why They're Wrong, Catherine is also passionate about helping mothers see their worth in a season when they often feel overwhelmed and irrelevant. You can find Catherine’s blog, dramatic blogcast, and other writings at and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.
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