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Christian Parent, Crazy World

with Catherine Segars

The 5 Greatest Cultural Challenges Facing Gen Z (with Dr. Jonathan Morrow) - Ep. 55

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Every generation has faced challenges from the culture, but the intensity and ferocity of the challenges facing Gen Z is new. These challenges are pummeling the next generation like waves, one after another after another.

What are the cultural waves facing Gen Z?

We can’t respond to them if we don’t know what they are.

Joining Catherine again to discuss these cultural waves is Dr. Jonathan Morrow, the director of cultural engagement and student discipleship at Impact 360 Institute. Jonathan has been equipping students and parents in biblical worldview, apologetics, and culture for over 16 years and is passionate about seeing a new generation build a lasting faith. He holds a Master of Divinity, a Master of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, and a Doctorate in Worldview and Culture from Talbot School of Theology. An adjunct professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University, Jonathan has authored several books on apologetics and resides near Atlanta with his wife of 20 years and three kids.

In this episode, Jonathan dives deep into his area of expertise to illuminate and connect these cultural waves. They are:




Sexual Revolution 2.0

Progressive Christianity

Each successive wave builds on the one that precedes it. Understanding these waves will help parents, grandparents, mentors, and guides of Gen Z to better equip and disciple them.

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February 13, 2023
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Catherine Segars is an award-winning actress and playwright—turned stay-at-home-mom—turned author, speaker, blogger, and motherhood apologist. This homeschooling mama of five has a master’s degree in communications and is earning a master’s degree in Christian apologetics. Catherine helps parents navigate through dangerous secular landmines to establish a sound Biblical foundation for their kids. Author of the e-book Five Myths about Motherhood That Make You Feel Mere, And Why They're Wrong, Catherine is also passionate about helping mothers see their worth in a season when they often feel overwhelmed and irrelevant. You can find Catherine’s blog, dramatic blogcast, and other writings at and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.
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