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When God Doesn't Answer Our Prayers the Way We Hoped He Would (w/ Andy Howard Pt. 1) - Episode 70

September 18, 2023
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It is so hard when God’s answer is no—for us and for our kids. There are times in our lives when we pray and we fast and we hope for a miracle and we speak the Word of God over a situation in our lives—and God is still faithful—but He doesn’t give us the answer we hoped for. The answer we prayed for. The answer that this person might have gotten and that person might have gotten, but for some reason we didn’t.


Catherine’s special guest in this episode has walked that path. A devastating diagnosis with his first child blindsided him and led to a four-year battle with depression. But God met him in the most beautiful way, walking with Andy Howard through his darkest hours as a parent. God has truly brought beauty out of what broke Andy. And what he has learned will bless us all.


In this first installment of a two-part interview, Andy share’s his testimony of receiving a life-altering diagnosis with his first child, Payton, at Dallas Children’s Hospital, how he has worked through an answer from God that wasn’t what he prayed for, and how God spoke a powerful message to him that we all need hear. Tune in next week to hear part two where we find out how God has brought so much beauty out of the broken places in Andy’s life, how his daughter Payton is doing now, and how we can help special needs families in the body of Christ.


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Andy’s bio: For over 20 years, Andy Howard has served in ministry as a youth pastor and marriage ministry pastor. Andy is an advocate for mental health awareness as he has known the heaviness of depression himself. That battle with depression led Andy to tip the scales at 345 lbs. He was self-medicating a crisis in his family with food. He and his wife, Tiffany, decided to change that, losing over 350 lbs. combined. They have co-founded a health coaching business called Taking Back My Life, where they have helped thousands of people get healthy and well. Andy is also host of the When Words Don’t Come Easy podcast, and he has authored a book with the same name. He lives with his wife, Tiffany, in Bryan, Texas and their three beautiful daughters, Payton, Parker, and Presley.



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Matthew 11:6

Job 13:15

Isaiah 61:1-4

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