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Faith Over Fear

with Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

The Courage to Set Boundaries - Ep. 23

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We won’t experience the relational health and intimacy our hearts crave until we learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. We’re afraid, if we set boundaries, we’ll hurt those we love, will damage a relationship irreparably, or will cause the other person to retaliate. In this episode, author and counselor Tanya Glazman shares her insights regarding a number of fears many of us face along with tools that can help us move forward in freedom and increased relational health.

Find Tanya Glazman online at:

Suggested Resources:
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Thriving With Chronic Illness Podcast: Setting Boundaries Part 1:
Thriving With Chronic Illness Podcast: Setting Boundaries Part 2:

Group Discussion Questions:

1. What makes setting and maintaining healthy boundaries most challenging for you?
2. When has failure to set boundaries led to relational harm?
3. When has failure to set boundaries led you to feel increased emotional distress?
4. Love without truth is dangerous. When have you seen this to be true?
5. Truth without love is often destructive. When have you seen this to be true?
6. Consider a challenging relationship. In what ways, if any, is a lack of truth to blame?
7. What is one step God might be asking you to take in that relationship?

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nadia Bormotova
October 06, 2020
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Meet Your Hosts
Jennifer Slattery is an author, speaker, and ministry leader passionate about helping God's children reach their full potential and live fully surrendered to Christ. Find her online at
Jodie Bailey is a Carolina girl who believes in the transformational power of the story when God is allowed to hold the pen. As an Army wife, she developed a love for serving and speaking to other Army spouses as a Protestant Women of the Chapel study leader, a Family Readiness Group leader, and an Army Family Team Building instructor. She began her writing career by creating content for PWOC’s international e100 women’s study and contributing to military family devotions and blogs. She is also a multi-published inspirational fiction author. Jodie lives in North Carolina with her husband, her daughter, and two dogs. You can stop by and say hi at
As a writer and speaker, Shellie Arnold has published articles, written weekly devotional curriculum, taught at writers’ conferences, spoken at homeschooling events, and conducted classes, seminars, and retreats for various church groups. A home school mom of over twenty years, she knows the unique challenges stay-at-home moms face. As a sexual abuse survivor, she understands the long-term effects trauma can have, even for believers. She has three published novels: The Spindle Chair, Sticks and Stones, and Abide With Me, all of which depict the “perfect storms” in marriage - what happens when our weaknesses hit head-on, and we’re both left wondering if anything can be salvaged. Visit her at
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