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Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain - with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

March 21, 2023
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Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain - with Nicole Jacobsmeyer


Today we are so blessed to have with us one of our new podcast friends. Her name is Nicole Jacobsmeyer. Nicole is a speaker and author and a mom and she is lovely. I loved this conversation that we had today. We talked a lot about joy and what does it mean to have joy? Because so oftentimes y’all, we go through things in our lives and we get knocked down to get back up, maybe in your relationship. You felt like your relationship or your marriage was totally destroyed or you've been knocked down and you're really struggling trying to get back up, getting back in the game of life and going on with what you know that your purpose is. 


Nicole has written a book called Take Back Your Joy and I love the subtitle, it's “fighting for purpose when life is more than you can handle.” I don't know about you, but I have been through some seasons of my life where I have felt like it is just too much. Like it's just too much Lord. I don’t know why you think I can handle this. Like Lord I didn't sign up for the strongest warrior battle plan, okay? So, what does it look like to have joy? What does it look like to have peace? What does it look like to know who and whose you are and the midst of going through really, really traumatic times in your life? Here are some snippets of our conversation: 


A Broken Christian Home


Nicole: I grew up in a Christian home. I had a wonderful upbringing and then it wasn't until my late teens and early 20s that I just had a lot of awful things happen to me and surrounding me. And one of those was my dad shared that he was living a double life. And so this unfaithfulness our family was very devastating. I had an abusive verbally and mentally abusive volleyball coach, which was really detrimental to my faith and my character. And then shortly after all of this, I had a horrific experience and was actually raped. And this culmination of pain made me really doubt God's consider a joy when trials come my way. And when I read specific scriptures, it didn't feel true. And so, overall these years, then just a few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, we lost a baby, we moved across the country, I was single parenting. My husband was in the medical field and he was just so slammed at work. And I just found myself asking those same questions that I did, you know, prior. And so this idea of joy and suffering and becoming who God wants me to be really made me understand that it was through the pain that he started to use these different qualities in me now, which I mean, I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, but I'm very thankful that God is actually doing what he said he will do, which is producing us character and hope and endurance and joy because of the pain that we face like it says in Romans. So it's been a journey. And a hard one. 


Dana Che: Wow, it's been a journey for you. So your parents become kind of that that physical representation of who God is to you, so I can understand like when that is broken, it does break the trust that we have with God, like if these people that say that they love me unconditionally who are right here break my trust, then why should I believe that a God who I can't see and who I don't really know for sure is there that he won't break my trust. 

When you were vin college, where were you in your faith journey? 


Developing a Real Relationship with God


Nicole: Ever since I committed my life to Christ, you know and said this “sinner's prayer," at just such a young age I think our entire life is growing in a relationship of Christ and so I didn't experience a lot of hardships growing up and I while I would like to say that I had a firm foundation It wasn't tested, you know It wasn't tested through the fire to come out more purified living in like the head knowledge and truly loving the Lord, truly wanting to read my Bible and do the right thing and surround myself with good people and go to Wednesday night Bible studies and prayer groups. I wanted to do those things, but I don't think that it's like there's a different aspect into your relationship with Christ and trusting him when pain and trials really do come. 


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That experience (the assault) really made me go deep into the word. I've trying to figure out what does this mean because now I no longer just read verses and just think, oh yeah, that's true. It's like, I have to know that I know that I know that, you know, God is good and why and looking back and seeing what he's done for me. And really, maybe I missed the point of the entirety of the gospel at that point in my life. Maybe I missed the sacrifice that he has, you know, given us. And I maybe overlooked that and It was just while I would like to say I was very strong i

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