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45: Near Death, Miracle & Birth Delivery Story

February 27, 2023
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Elle Lambadarios (our first episode guest) shares her story of literally coding on an operation table after giving birth, to running a full marathon in NYC. She recounts how she was never afraid, because she knew God was with her on a deep level. As she crossed the finish line, she said "it was You, God, who saved me".

Elle shares with us the miracles she experienced as God literally saved her life right before her eyes (even when she literally, could not see). Prayer, forgiveness, and perseverance mark her story.

We also talk about how there is no right or wrong way to feel close to Him.

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Meet Your Host
Meet Your Host
Kathryn Calibeo is a full-time mom to two busy boys, and works part-time as a Sales Representative for a technology solutions company. Kathryn has earned her Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing with an emphasis on editing and publishing from Michigan State University. After graduating, she worked as an intern with a Christian organization at Michigan State University, where she had the privilege of overseeing the freshmen and Greek Life bible studies, weekly gatherings, retreats, and discipleship programs.

Kathryn now lives in Michigan with her husband of 6 years, their two boys, and their adopted Yorkie-Poo. Kathryn currently attends church at Woodside Bible Church, where she has served on the women’s writing team and has led various small groups. Kathryn has been podcasting since 2018 and currently serves on the board for Sparkle, a women's ministry organization, where the podcast Sparkle Speak was born!
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