The Walk: Devotionals for Worshippers
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The Walk: Devotionals for Worshippers

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Worship Leader’s devotional podcast platforms guests that are passionate believers with a great story and an even better message for our large audience of worshippers. Our guests are creatives who walk with God daily and bring a great word to the Body of Christ. They include worship leaders, pastors, educators, speakers, and artists. Listeners will travel along each week and hear an intimate first-person story and learn how, through that story, our guests have built a lifestyle of worship.

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The Walk is a production of Authentic Media's Worship Leader Magazine. Emmy Award-winning producer and editor Matt McCartie teamed up with host and Authentic Media partner Joshua Swanson to bring this podcast to life.

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A Conversation with Sarah Kroger
May 27, 2024 - 30 min
Exploring the Depths of Worship with Sarah Kroger In a recent episode of The Walk podcast, Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Joshua Swanson had an engaging conversation with renowned artist, songwriter, and worship leader Sarah Kroger. Their discussion ranged from the personal challenges of faith to the transformative power of music ministry. Navigating the Wilderness Sarah Kroger opened up about a profound period in her life where she felt a disconnect from God. Despite her strong foundation in faith, she found herself unable to perceive God’s presence, leading to confusion and shame. This experience, however, became a critical part of her spiritual journey. She shared,  “As much as I felt like the real presence of God around me in creation, there was this moment where things shifted, and I felt like I couldn't hear Him.” Kroger emphasized that these moments of spiritual dryness are not uncommon and should not be a source of shame. Instead, they are an invitation to deepen one's faith and trust in God's unfathomable wisdom. She candidly reflected on the struggles and beauty of such a journey, underscoring the importance of honesty with God. The Ministry of Music Kroger's first radio tour was a revelatory experience, showcasing the deep ministry potential within Christian radio. She discovered that radio stations serve as crucial lifelines to their communities, offering solace, inspiration, and sometimes even life-changing moments to listeners. This revelation redefined her perspective on her music’s reach and impact. She highlighted the humbling reality of her music's ministry, saying,  “I write this music and release it and I submit it to the Lord and I just say, ‘Lord, do whatever you want with it.’”  Kroger expressed gratitude for the anonymous listeners who have been touched by her songs, seeing it as a protection against pride and a reminder of the true purpose of her artistry. Embracing Modern Tools for Ministry The conversation also touched on the role of social media in Kroger’s ministry. Despite the challenges of comparison and the superficiality that social media can bring, she acknowledged its power to connect and minister to a diverse audience. A viral cover of “What a Wonderful World” on Instagram brought many non-believers to her page, illustrating social media’s potential to be a back door to Christian music and ministry. Lessons in Belovedness A recurring theme in Kroger’s work is the struggle with self-worth and comparison, which she poignantly addresses in her song “Belovedness.” Inspired by Henri Nouwen’s book “Life of the Beloved,” the song reflects Kroger’s journey towards embracing her identity in Christ, free from societal pressures and past hurts. This journey is ongoing, and Kroger’s transparency about her struggles provides a source of comfort and solidarity for many of her listeners. A New Reality The pandemic prompted Kroger to delve into new creative depths, resulting in her latest album, "A New Reality." The album was birthed from a place of reflection, as she walked through the seasons, both literal and spiritual. The title track, "New Reality," encapsulates her message of finding wonder in God’s creation and embracing the mysteries of faith. Kroger’s conversation with Swanson illuminated the complex and often challenging path of faith. It’s a journey marked by highs and lows, certainty and doubt, but always underpinned by God’s unwavering presence. Her testimony is a powerful reminder that faith is not about having all the answers but about trusting in God’s goodness and sovereignty, even in the midst of uncertainty. For more insights from Sarah Kroger and to experience her latest album, "A New Reality," visit Also, be sure to check out our show notes for her latest music video, "Still Yours," and explore the rich content available at - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links:</li
Kim Walker-Smith Devotional: Mama
May 10, 2024 - 11 min
The Walk Podcast Celebrates Mother's Day: An Inspiring Conversation with Kim Walker-Smith In a heartwarming special edition of The Walk Podcast, hosted by Worship Leader Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Joshua Swanson, listeners were treated to a profound discussion with renowned worship leader, artist, and songwriter Kim Walker-Smith. This Mother’s Day special not only honored mothers but offered insights applicable to all listeners, underscored by Kim's personal journey into motherhood and her reflections on parenting as a sacred honor. The Legacy of Family Kim shared her initially reluctant journey to motherhood, marked by fears and uncertainties that resonate with many. Despite her successful career leading worship globally, she revealed a pivotal moment when God shifted her perspective towards the legacy of family. This revelation came through struggles with her firstborn, Wyatt, whose sleep difficulties in his early months highlighted deeper fears Kim harbored about failing as a mother. Her candid recount of feeling abandoned by God, only to realize it was a moment of profound personal growth and healing, was particularly moving. Your Role as a Parent Her story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's role as a parent. Kim discussed the ongoing commitment required to connect with her children's hearts, a task that varies in difficulty as they grow but is always worth the effort. Her narrative is an encouraging reminder for parents in the worship community that their primary ministry begins at home, with their children. The Devil Wants Your Children The discussion also touched on the broader spiritual warfare over the family unit, urging parents to remain vigilant and proactive in their children's lives. Kim's powerful prayer encapsulated a blessing for all parents, invoking God's presence and guidance in their journey of raising children who are deeply connected with their faith. Listeners were also invited to check out Kim's new song "Mama," a fitting tribute available in the show notes at This episode, supported by Planning Center and Life Audio, is not just a celebration of mothers but a call to all parents to cherish and fight for their sacred role. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the links below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Who is Kim Walker-Smith? Kim Walker-Smith is celebrated for her exceptional vocals and spirit-led worship anthems. Kim emerged as a prominent worship leader for the Jesus Culture movement in the 2010s. With massive hits like "How He Loves", "Spirit Break Out," "Protector" and “Throne Room,” Kim has amassed over 400M streams and a combined social following of almost two million. Kim’s influence extends beyond music as she is a sought-after speaker and an influential faith leader. She and her husband, Skyler, reside in Montana and have three children, sons Wyatt and Bear, and daughter Maisie. Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Meredith Andrews Devotional: Worship Is Warfare
May 6, 2024 - 25 min
Welcome, esteemed readers and devoted listeners, to another enriching exploration of worship as a dynamic spiritual practice and a formidable form of spiritual warfare. In the latest devotional podcast from The Walk, hosted by Joshua Swanson, Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, we are privileged to hear from Meredith Andrews, a revered voice in the worship community. Her insights not only delve into the personal and communal aspects of worship but also highlight its profound impact on confronting the spiritual and existential challenges we face today. Worship as Warfare Meredith Andrews, with heartfelt conviction, articulates worship as an essential strategy in spiritual warfare, not just for worship leaders but for every believer contending with life’s battles. She draws on poignant personal experiences and biblical narratives, emphasizing that worship is not merely a ritualistic engagement but an active, powerful stance against spiritual adversities. Her reflections are anchored in the scriptural account from 2 Chronicles 20, where Jehoshaphat and the Israelites, facing overwhelming odds, turned to God in worship before engaging in battle. This narrative underscores the pivotal role of worship in achieving divine victory, even when physical battles loom large. The Role of Personal and Corporate Worship Andrews’ experiences on the worship platform illustrate the dual nature of worship—it is both a personal encounter with God and a communal experience that strengthens and unifies the body of Christ. She recounts moments of vulnerability, where the act of worship became a conduit for God’s grace and power, providing peace and strategic guidance amid turmoil. Her testimony is a vivid illustration of how worship can transform personal fear into a declaration of faith and authority. As we reflect on Meredith Andrews’ insights, we are reminded of the transformative power of worship—it is not only a response to God’s glory but a declaration of His sovereignty over our lives and our circumstances. Worship as a practice transcends the confines of church walls, touching every aspect of our lives,and empowering us to confront and conquer the trials we face. In closing, let us carry forward the mantle of worship as our spiritual armor, emboldened by the truth that our worship not only reaches the heart of God but actively participates in the spiritual realm, bringing the Kingdom of God to bear on our earthly journeys. May you find encouragement and strength in your walk of faith, and may our collective worship rise like a sweet fragrance to the heavens, declaring God’s sovereignty and love over every aspect of our lives. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Planning Center University: Who is Meredith Andrews? Curb | Word Entertainment recording artist Meredith Andrews is passionate about writing and leading songs that keep people’s hearts and minds set on Jesus. Over the course of her career, the Dove Award-winning artist has been using her musical gifts, love for God, and her huge heart for His people - to teach and remind us all about the enormity of our awesome and loving Savior. Andrews was previously part of the Vertical Worship team, and more recently Belonging Co., her home church in Nashville. As a gifted songwriter and recording artist, she has been a part of multiple songs sung by churches across America such as “Open Up The Heavens”, “Lamb of God”, “Not For A Moment”, “Spirit of the Living God,” and “Faith and Wonder.” Andrews often leads worship at major women’s and worship leader conferences across the U.S., and has toured with Matt Maher, Natalie Grant, Big Daddy Weave, Vertical Worship, Phil Wickham, and Michael W. Smith, among others. Meredith’s latest album, Heaven's Frequency, released on March, 22, 2024. Script
A Conversation with Byron Stinson About Red Heifers
May 1, 2024 - 23 min
A Texan's Journey with Red Heifers and Biblical Prophecies In today's exploration, we delve into a riveting conversation from the latest episode of "The Walk," hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson, with the distinguished Byron Stinson, a Texas native. This episode invites us into the profound layers of a project that’s stirred significant global interest among various faith communities—the transportation of five red heifers to Israel. A Mission Rooted in Prophecy The endeavor that Byron Stinson has embarked upon is not just a logistic challenge but a profound fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, resonating deeply with both Christian and Jewish eschatological traditions. As Joshua introduced Byron, we were reminded of the scripture's call for a red heifer in Numbers 19—a requirement for the biblical purification rites essential for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. A Divine Call and Response Byron's narrative is a powerful testimony to a divine calling. At the tender age of 14, Byron heard what he believed to be a conversation between God and Lucifer, foretelling his future involvement with the Jewish people. This experience set the stage for his lifelong commitment to this cause, despite not knowing any Jewish individuals at the time. His story is a vivid illustration of faith’s journey from prophecy to action. Engagement in Israel Byron’s contributions to Israel began in earnest in 2007, funded by an unexpected boon from gas wells on his property. Instead of personal gain, Byron chose to dedicate these resources to fostering closer ties between Christian pastors and Jewish scholars in Israel. This initiative reflects a broader vision of unity and mutual enrichment between the faiths, grounded in shared reverence for sacred texts and histories. The Red Heifer Project The quest for the red heifers involved not only meticulous planning and coordination—engaging ranchers across Texas through modern technology—but also a significant spiritual and communal effort. The selected heifers, particularly distinguished by their pure red color, symbolize more than just animals; they are a bridge to fulfilling ancient rites that hold profound contemporary significance. Interfaith Relations and Future Hopes Byron passionately discussed the implications of the red heifer project on Christian-Jewish relations, emphasizing the covenantal relationship with God that both faiths cherish. He views these efforts as a step towards realizing a scriptural prophecy that envisions a unity in worship among all of God's children on the Temple Mount, promoting peace and mutual respect among the Abrahamic faiths. A Call to Action The episode was not just a recounting of past deeds but a fervent call to action for Christians to engage more deeply with their spiritual heritage and support the Jewish community in tangible ways. This aligns with our magazine's vision of nurturing a house of prayer for all nations, drawing us closer to the divine promise of peace and reconciliation. As we reflect on Byron’s endeavors and the theological underpinnings discussed in this episode, let us consider how we, too, can contribute to this grand narrative of faith, hope, and unity. May our paths be guided by wisdom, and our actions be a testament to the love and obedience we owe to our Creator. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Who is Byron Stinson? Byron St
A Conversation with Lucy Grimble on The Walk Podcast
April 24, 2024 - 28 min
The Spiritual Genesis of Lucy Grimble In a delightful and insightful episode of The Walk Podcast, Lucy Grimble, a gifted U.K.-based worship artist, sits down with Joshua Swanson, the sagacious Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine. Together, they unveil the tapestry of Lucy's spiritual journey, intertwined delicately with the rich heritage of Anglican worship and the profound, transformative encounter with the Toronto Blessing. Lucy’s narrative begins in the quiet suburbs of London, within the venerable walls of a Victorian Anglican church, where the unsuspecting formality was lovingly interrupted by a divine wind — the Spirit's touch. It was in these tender years that Lucy encountered the tangible reality of God's presence, shaping her path and beckoning her into a commitment to Christ — a decision uniquely her own, stepping beyond familial faith. The Heart of Authentic Worship As we eavesdrop on their conversation, Lucy's artistic voyage surfaces as one marked by authenticity. Her songwriting, a sanctuary of honest dialogue with God, resounds with the depth of psalms and the rawness of personal pilgrimage. She shares the emergence of her craft amidst faith's awakening, melding the two in a harmonious expression of devotion. Diversity and Desire: The Church in London Swanson probes the landscape of Lucy's context, the Anglican communion in London, rich with diversity and a universal thirst for the Spirit's outpouring. Lucy’s experiences across the ecclesiastical spectrum — from high church ceremonies to Pentecostal vigor — bear witness to a collective desire for God’s transformative work in society. Artistic Integrity in the Shadow of Industry Amidst the richness of their dialogue, Lucy recounts the challenge of nurturing creativity in an environment divergent from the commercial hub of Nashville's Christian Contemporary Music scene. With integrity and a desire to preserve the freedom of her artistic voice, Lucy embraces her roots in the U.K., savoring the earnest purity found in the fellowship of local artists. The Birth of a Testimony Through Melody The podcast glides into the reflective tones of Lucy’s latest album, a contemplative project birthed from the crucible of pandemic-driven despair. Here, in the tension between darkness and light, she finds a canvas for her testimony, painting with the hues of endurance and the brushstrokes of divine faithfulness. A Word of Encouragement to Worship Leaders For fellow worship leaders, Lucy imparts a resonant encouragement: the intrinsic worth of pursuing the beauty of the Lord, the enduring anchor of our soul's adoration. Her words, steeped in wisdom, beckon us to seek renewed revelation of Christ's splendor. Lucy Grimble's story, shared with humility and vibrance on The Walk Podcast, is a beckoning call to encounter grace in the unlikely — to see God's spirit move in unexpected places and to sing a new song, one that resonates through the formal aisles of tradition and into the vibrant streets of contemporary life. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Who is Lucy Grimble? In the heart of London, UK, stands Lucy Grimble, a worship leader and songwriter whose decade-long tenure has been marked by an unyielding commitment to crafting spaces of divine love and unity through music. With over ten years of experience, Lucy has honed her art as a solo performer and as the linchpin of a band of adept musicians and vocalists. Her music transcends mere performance; it is an invitation to experience the love of God, an embrace that dissolves barriers and kindles a deep-seated love for the divine, self, and neighbor. Lucy's latest concept album, "Between the Shadow and the
A Conversation with Mac Powell
April 8, 2024 - 26 min
In this episode of “The Walk” podcast, Joshua Swanson, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, engaged in a profound dialogue with the artist and worship leader Mac Powell, whose seasoned wisdom shines through the tenure of his journey in Christian music.  Powell, with grace akin to the silver strands in his beard, reflects on his newfound role as an elder statesman in the industry. He fondly recalls the influence of stalwarts like Michael W. Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman, now passing the baton as a mentor to the newer generation of artists.  Divine Redirection in a Time of Global Pause Amidst the unforeseen global pause brought by COVID-19, Powell found a divine redirection of his path— from touring to becoming an artist in residence at a local church in Atlanta, joining hands with Dr. Michael Youssef. This transition unearthed treasures of fellowship and community, contrasting the transient connections of touring life. As a solo artist and a worship leader, he basks in the continuity of nurturing relationships within the body of Christ.  Humility and the Fame Conundrum His humility, a byproduct of his faith and family life, repudiates any notion of fame going to his head. Powell shares how the acknowledgment of not being "good enough" serves not as a defeat but a testament to Christ's sufficiency. Confronting Lies with Gospel Truth In his battle against the lies of inadequacy, Powell holds onto the gospel truth that his value and capabilities are firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. His fervent prayers and walks symbolize an ongoing pursuit of closeness with the Savior, an honest reflection of his dependency on God for every breath. Mentoring the Next Generation Powell's insights into mentoring the younger generation reveal his excitement for the fresh voices rising in the Christian music space. He observes the vibrant faith of youth, their growth, and their commitment, which bodes well for the future of worship.  The Indispensable Church Addressing concerns about the relevance of church for young people, Powell articulates the foundational Christian doctrine of communal worship—pointing to the scriptural mandate not to forsake gathering as believers. He sees the church as an irreplaceable forum for mutual edification and spiritual growth. Personal Goals and Spiritual Leadership As a leader in the worship music domain, Powell's goals remain steadfast: deepening his faith and understanding of Scripture, a journey inspired by his wife's dedication to studying the New Testament. His focus on personal spiritual growth aligns with his mission in ministry and music. Music's Role in Spiritual Warfare Speaking on spiritual warfare, Powell acknowledges its reality, emphasizing the vital role of music in the spiritual battle. He references scriptural instances where music and worship played pivotal roles in God's plan, and shares his own practice of incorporating hymns into worship, a tribute to the rich theological heritage they carry. Family Ties in Ministry Finally, Powell expresses the joy of touring with his family, where his children occasionally accompany him as part of his band, underscoring the intertwining of his faith and family life in his ministry. As Powell left with a Chick-fil-A-inspired "my pleasure," we too are left with nourishment—but of the soul, fed by the earnest testament of a life devoted to worship, humility, and the stewardship of Christ's legacy in music. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Who is Mac Powell? Hailing from the heartland of Alabama and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia during his high school years, Mac Powell would go
A Conversation with Aaron Shust
April 1, 2024 - 35 min
The Transformative Power of Scriptural Songwriting Aaron Shust, a prominent voice in Christian music, offers an enlightening perspective on the role of Scripture in songwriting. His creative process, deeply anchored in biblical texts, transcends the mere composition of music. It is an act of faith, believing that the Word of God, when melded with melody, will accomplish its divine purposes in the hearts of listeners. Shust's commitment to this principle is particularly evident in his work with psalms, where he crafts musical expressions that resonate with both familiarity and spiritual profundity. His approach is not about creating from a deity's perspective but embodying the worshipper's voice, akin to David's psalms. As he quotes Jesus in Matthew 11, Shust underscores the inherent power of divine words that work beyond human capacity to inspire or evoke emotion. A Pilgrimage to the Heart of Worship Shust's pilgrimage to Israel in 2016 was transformative, deepening his understanding of biblical events and their present reality. He recounts how walking in the footsteps of Jesus across the historic landscapes of Israel imprinted on him a profound sense of the Scriptures' authenticity and the enduring significance of these sacred sites. This experience not only enriched his personal faith journey but also influenced his music, infusing it with the weight and spiritual significance of the Holy Land. The Ongoing Relevance of Israel in Worship In a world striving for equity and sensitivity, the unique role of Israel in God's divine narrative continues to captivate Shust. The mysterious choice of Israel and its people plays a pivotal role in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, as well as in the unfolding of God's ultimate plan. Shust passionately conveys his desire to stand with Israel and acknowledges the intricate plans God has for all nations while maintaining a balanced love for Israel and its neighbors. Generational Leadership in Worship Reflecting on intergenerational dynamics within the church, Shust emphasizes the need for authenticity in worship across age groups. He challenges the next generation to inquire and engage with the practices of worship passed down to them, fostering a dialogue that respects tradition while allowing for evolution. As someone who now finds himself in the role of the mentor rather than the mentee, he seeks to inspire younger worshippers to contribute meaningfully to the church's legacy. The Sanctity of Gathering Shust highlights the beauty and necessity of the Christian community coming together in worship, echoing the early church's unity and fervor. He sees the gathering of believers as a fundamental expression of the church, vital to its spiritual vigor and reflective of the inherent human need for connection and shared faith. Worship and Relevance in Songwriting Navigating the delicate balance between timeless and contemporary, Shust aims for his music to hold relevance for all generations without alienating any. He aspires for his creations to be recognized as timeless classics, pairing eternal content with melodies that stand the test of time. The Journey to Songwriting as a Calling From his first song at the age of 11, Shust's songwriting journey has been one of spiritual and emotional exploration. His process, richly influenced by his musical education and personal faith, led him to discover the profound satisfaction of setting Scripture to music. His story is a testament to the power of creative expression as a means of worship. Words of Wisdom: Advice to the Younger Self Reflecting on his younger years, Shust would advise his younger self to embrace the present, trust in God's direction, and value the present ministry over future aspirations. His growth as an artist and believer underscores the importance of faithfulness in small things and the recognition of God's sovereignty over our life's path. Artistic Creation as Ministry Shust advocates for a ministry-focused approach to artistry, ensuring that creative works serve to edify others and glorify God. He encourages artists to consider the impact of their art on the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of their audience, moving beyond self-serving motives toward a ministry that points to the divine. Leading Worship with Imperfection In his humility, Shust acknowledges that worship leaders, like all believers, are flawed vessels. Yet, he has witnessed God's grace in using imperfect individuals to lead others in worship. Striving for a clean heart and pure hands is a continual pursuit for Shust, highlighting the necessity of confession and dependence on God's mercy. Aaron Shust's dialogue in "The Wal
Jennifer and Marty Goetz Devotional: I Will Fear No Evil
March 25, 2024 - 23 min
In the latest episode of The Walk podcast, we find ourselves in a rich conversation with the artists Marty and Jennifer Goetz, whose lives have been a tapestry woven with the threads of faith, music, and heritage. One cannot help but be moved by the authenticity with which they share their journey. Embracing Heritage and Faith Marty Goetz, a man who embraces his identity as a Jewish gospel singer, captures our imagination as he recounts his aspirations to be like the musical icons of his time. Yet, in the heartfelt and humble recollections shared with his wife, Jennifer, we are gently reminded of the transforming power of the Psalms and the timeless relevance of worship. The Transformative Power of Partnership Jennifer's voice in the conversation serves as a testament to the supportive and integral role she has played in their ministry, as well as a witness to the personal and spiritual transformation that unfolds when one encounters the divine amid life’s tumult. The Journey Through the Psalms Their story is a narrative of discovery, with each chapter marked by a Psalm—like milestones along the path of their faith walk. The most profound of these Psalms, Psalm 23, becomes a lens through which they view their past and present, a scriptural anchor that has seen them through the shadows and into the light. Rediscovering Worship The Goetzes' reflections serve as a devotional roadmap, inviting us to consider the profound depths of Scripture and the personal relationship we can have with its Author. Marty's anecdote of rewriting Psalm 23, which was first sung out of a new believer's passion and later out of the wisdom of experience, challenges us to approach familiar passages with fresh eyes and renewed hearts. Finding the Altar at Home In the crucible of life's hardships, from cancer to the isolation brought on by a global pandemic, Marty and Jennifer discovered an altar in their home. They transformed their space into a House of Worship, rekindling their spiritual fervor and refining their ministry to reflect a more intimate and communal worship experience. The Ministry of Song Their conversation is a witness to the fact that the valleys and mountaintops of our faith journey can lead to a deeper, more profound worship—a worship that goes beyond the walls of churches and into the very heart of our daily lives. Anticipating "Shepherd of Israel" Their upcoming release, "Shepherd of Israel," holds the promise of a song born out of both tribulation and triumph, encapsulating their shared story and the stories of many who will find solace in its melody. As we take our leave from this episode of The Walk, we carry with us the resonant truth that, like David the Psalmist and the Goetzes, we are all invited to sing a new song to the Lord, a song that rises from the narrative of our lives, echoing the faithfulness of the Shepherd of Israel. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Planning Center University: Who is Jennifer Yaffee Goetz? Jennifer Yaffee was born in New York City into a conservative Jewish family. In her mid-twenties she began traveling with Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and many other musical icons of the sixties. She was immersed in a pop culture lifestyle that anyone looking in would likely covet, yet she found herself empty and unfulfilled. At the age of 25 she gave her life to Yeshua, and in 1984 she married Marty Goetz, another Jewish believer in Jesus. Within that same year, Marty recorded his first album and the two have built Marty Goetz Ministries together from the ground up, traveling and singing all over the world to share the good news of Yeshua with both Jew and Gentile alike.
Sean Rodriguez Devotional: Leading With Purpose
March 18, 2024 - 22 min
In the recent episode of The Walk listeners were treated to a profound and heartfelt devotional by Sean Rodriguez, a worship leader and artist renowned for his breakout pop anthem "Center Stage" and his participation in the 2023 Winter Jam Tour. With an evangelical heritage that shapes his music, Rodriguez is dedicated to celebrating God's transformative power and majesty, making him a fitting guest for a discussion on the essentials of worship leadership. Sean Rodriguez's Personal Journey and Insights Sean Rodriguez shared his personal journey, rooted in a rich church upbringing under the guidance of his grandfather, a pastor in Denver, Colorado. His narrative revealed the dual nature of church life, highlighting both its challenges and blessings. Rodriguez stressed the significance of growing up in a church environment, which instilled in him a deep-seated understanding of serving, leading, and the importance of aligning one's leadership with prayer and the pursuit of God's will over personal ambition. The Heart of Worship Leadership Central to Rodriguez's message was the concept of self-examination for worship leaders and team members alike. He urged individuals to reflect on their motivations for leading worship, emphasizing the need for authenticity and a heart aligned with God's purposes. This introspection extends beyond the leaders to encompass the entire worship team, fostering an environment where serving others becomes a primary focus. Rodriguez advocated for leadership through servitude, drawing on the biblical principle that true leaders are the foremost servants. Facilitating Congregational Participation Rodriguez also touched upon the dynamics of worship settings, challenging leaders to create spaces that encourage active participation rather than passive observation. This involves demonstrating worship through actions and attitudes, thereby guiding the congregation in their worship journey. The episode served as a reminder of the sacred responsibility entrusted to worship leaders and teams, urging them to approach their roles with reverence, humility, and a steadfast commitment to fostering environments where the presence of God is palpably felt, and hearts are drawn closer to Him. As we reflect on Sean Rodriguez's insights, let us carry forward the reminder that worship leadership is not merely a role but a divine calling to facilitate encounters with the living God, where the hearts of His people are united in adoration and reverence. May we embrace this calling with gratitude, diligence, and a ceaseless desire to see His will done in and through our lives. - - - - - - - - - Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Planning Center University: Who is Sean Rodriguez? Sean Rodriguez, previously known as Sean BE, has experienced a remarkable surge in visibility and impact within the Christian music scene, particularly highlighted by his role as a featured Pre-Jam artist during the 2023 Winter Jam tour—a significant event in the Christian music calendar. This new chapter in his career not only advances his musical endeavors but also pays homage to the evangelistic legacy his grandfather established over four decades ago. Before immersing himself in the music industry, Rodriguez dedicated his efforts to guiding young minds as a children’s pastor and youth leader. His 2023 hit, "Center Stage," has captured the hearts of a global audience, boasting over 2.5 million streams. Signed with WieRok Entertainment, Rodriguez has had the honor of sharing stages with luminaries like Michael W. Smith, for KING &amp; COUNTRY, KB, and Cain at prestigious festivals such as Lifest, Big Ticket Festival, and Off The Charts Music Festival. His recent works include "The Unbelievable," a worshipful pop song that magnifies the transformative power of God, and "Glory," a hip-hop flavored track with Holly Halliwell, celebrating the divine majesty. Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquir
A Conversation with Consumed by Fire
March 13, 2024 - 31 min
From Asbury to Authenticity: The Walk Podcast Explores Revival with Consumed by Fire The latest episode of The Walk, hosted by Worship Leader Magazine's Joshua Swanson, shines a spotlight on the Ward brothers of the band Consumed by Fire. The brothers share their fervent commitment to spreading the gospel through their music and discuss their spiritual journey influenced by their ministry-rich family heritage. A Revival of Hearts: The Asbury Awakening Discussed The conversation takes a deep dive into the recent revival movements, especially the one that began at Asbury University. The brothers reflect on the genuine thirst for God’s presence that is igniting a wildfire of faith across the nation, marking what they consider the precursor to the greatest revival yet. The Church's Relevance in Contemporary Times The podcast touches on a provocative question about the church's place in today’s world. The Ward brothers challenge the cynicism facing modern faith communities, advocating for a resurgence of expectation and divine wisdom as the antidote to doubt. A New Generational Flame: The Fiery Faith of Youth Today The discussion shifts to the remarkable traits of the upcoming generation of believers. The Wards express their admiration for the youth's unapologetic worship and innovative spirit, recognizing them as a potent force for the future of Christianity. Balancing Ministry and Artistry: Worship Leading vs. Christian Performance Navigating the complexities between ministry-focused music and the identity of a Christian artist, the Wards elaborate on their ministry-first mindset, emphasizing the power of music to usher listeners into the presence of God rather than glorify the performer. Brotherhood and Bandhood: Navigating Life on the Road The interview concludes with the Ward brothers recounting humorous and heartfelt stories from their life touring together, highlighting the realities of familial relationships intertwined with the vocation of ministry. Closing Thoughts The episode concludes with an acoustic rendition of "First Things First," symbolizing the band's commitment to their calling and the power of surrendering to God's will in their ministry and music. -- -- -- -- -- -- Please subscribe to our social channels for more information and great content surrounding building a lifestyle of worship. This podcast is brought to you by Authentic Media and Worship Leader. Our host is Joshua Swanson and the show’s co-producer and editor is Matt McCartie. More episodes can be found at the link below. - - - - - - - - - Links: Planning Center University: Who is Consumed by Fire? No strangers to the nomadic lifestyle intrinsic to their craft, the emerging Contemporary Christian Music ensemble, Consumed By Fire, embodies their moniker in a refreshingly authentic manner. This trio, hailing from Oklahoma, consists of Caleb Ward, whose voice leads the charge; Jordan Ward, who adds depth with harmonies and percussion; and Josh Ward, whose guitar strings complement the vocal harmonies, thereby fulfilling the divine purpose woven into their very existence: to disseminate the message of God's grace through the universal language of music. Caleb articulates a profound truth, stating, "Ministry, in any form it might have taken, is our innate calling." This calling is audibly reflected in their music, a melodic legacy influenced by the diverse musical palate of their father. Their current radio single, "First Things First," is a testament to the trio's familial synergy and the all-encompassing love bestowed upon them by their fathers—both earthly and divine. As this track ascends the radio charts, accolades from esteemed platforms like KLove and Air1 Radio have already begun to spotlight Consumed By Fire for their "deft lyricism and tight harmonies." With an arsenal of new music and a calendar of tour dates on the horizon, the band stands on the cusp of a thrilling and musically abundant year. Discover more Christian podcasts at <a
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Meet Your Host
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