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A Conversation with Michael Tait and Adam Agee from Newsboys

October 30, 2023
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Worship Leader and The Walk Podcast had the exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the minds of the legendary Newsboys, featuring the dynamic duo of Michael Tait and Adam Agee. This candid and enlightening conversation took us on a journey through the intricate world of worship, music, and the challenges that fame brings. The Newsboys had more than just music to share; they offered a spiritual experience like no other.

The Sonic Puzzle of Worship Music

Our voyage begins with the enigmatic nature of worship music. The Newsboys were unapologetically candid about the complexities in defining and categorizing worship melodies. The question loomed large: Can worship music transcend the boundaries of genre? Michael Tait eloquently emphasized that worship traverses the vertical, honoring God, and the horizontal, our interactions with others. In their view, it's an extraordinary tool for communication with the Creator himself.

Performance as a Holy Act

As our conductor for this spiritual journey, Joshua Swanson dared to ask the question on everyone's minds: Can performing rock anthems be a form of worship? Adam Agee, the sage of the Newsboys, revealed that this idea evolved. Initially, they faced resistance to the audacious fusion of rock and worship. But to them, worship is an intimate expression of individual gifts that guide people towards the Creator. The crowds that unite during their performances are a testament to this profound connection.

The Fame Tightrope Walk

The spotlight can be both a blessing and a curse, and the Newsboys know it well. Michael Tait, with wisdom etched on his soul, spoke of the struggle to stay grounded in the face of temptation. To fend off the snares of fame, he advocates daily prayers and adorning spiritual armor against the influence of dark forces. He believes in relying on God's grace and making God a part of every endeavor. Adam Agee added a poignant note: fame doesn't grant immunity from self-doubt and trials, but their faith provides the strength to weather the storm.

Wisdom For Generations

To the aspiring souls of the next generation, the Newsboys offered profound guidance. They emphasized the importance of making wise choices and understanding the weight of consequences. Battle-scarred by their own struggles with self-doubt, they stressed the significance of dedicating each morning to God, making Him the priority in the rhythm of life. Their advice was a harmonious blend of practicality and faith.

Prayers for the Journey

As the serenade with the Newsboys drew to a close, Joshua Swanson asked the audience to join in prayers on behalf of these messengers of music and faith. Michael Tait requested prayers for the band's ongoing impact through their melodies, as well as for the stamina and consistency to carry forth their message. Adam Agee humbly sought prayers for their health and safety during their extensive tour, recognizing the challenges of life on the road.

The Newsboys' interview gave us more than a glimpse into their faith-driven artistry; it provided a portal into the profound complexities of their spirituality and their unwavering commitment to crafting music with a message. This was not just an interview; it was an exploration of their souls, revealing the intricate harmonies of faith, fame, and the power of music.

Key Takeaways

  • Worship Music's Uncharted Territory: The Newsboys shed light on the complexity of defining worship music, challenging traditional boundaries and genre categorizations. Their view that worship encompasses honoring God and guiding interactions with others opens up new perspectives on the role of music in faith.

  • Performing as a Spiritual Expression: The evolution of their belief that performing can be a form of worship showcases the band's willingness to push boundaries and embrace rock music as a vehicle for spiritual connection. Their concerts serve as a testament to the power of music to unite and elevate the audience's spirits.

  • Staying Grounded Amidst Fame's Temptations: Michael Tait's emphasis on daily prayers and spiritual armor as protection against the trappings of fame reveals their commitment to staying true to their faith in the face of celebrity. Their experience highlights the struggle to balance spirituality with the demands of stardom.

  • Advice for the Next Generation: The Newsboys' advice to the next generation underscores the importance of wise choices and an unwavering faith. Their personal experiences with self-doubt and their commitment to starting each day with devotion to God provide practical insights for those navigating their own journeys of faith and music.


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