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Tyler Roberts Devotional: “There's No Way” - Red Rocks Worship

September 18, 2023
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Tyler Roberts of Red Rocks Worship brings our devotional today. He focuses on who you are in Christ. Knowing who you are and who you belong to will keep you focused on the Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of man.

Key Takeaways:

  • Who do you belong to? You belong to the Lord. What does that mean?
  • Whatever God makes is “wonderful” and made with a purpose. So, you are made with a purpose and are wonderful. - - Psalm 139
  • You were born in His image with purpose. He has very good plans for you.
  • James 1:23 says the word of God is like a mirror.
  • Psalm 143:8 - every day, God, I need you to show me my purpose. Show me the way.

We close out the episode with the song There’s No Way by Red Rocks Worship, which is a great anthemic reminder of how there is truly no way our Father will let us down. His mercy endures forever. His love is complete. His salvation is forever. Amen.

"There's No Way"

There's no way I'm giving up

On the edge of my breakthrough

I've walked long enough to know

There's a grace for that's still enough

And a hope that I cling to

Even in the lowest low

There's still one thing that I know


There's no way, no way You're going to let me down

You never have, never will and You won't start now

There's no way, no way Your promise can fail

It never has, never once and it never will

- - - - - - - - -

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Who is Tyler Roberts?

Tyler Roberts is a founding member, worship leader, and songwriter for Red Rocks Worship. He serves as Worship Pastor at Red Rocks Church in Denver, CO. Tyler is extremely passionate about equipping the church with faith-filled anthems.  He and his wife, Whittnay, have two boys named Camden & Nash. When they aren’t at church, they’re usually wrestling or watching football.

Who Is Red Rocks Worship?

Red Rocks Worship is the music ministry of Red Rocks Church, a multi-campus congregation based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2005, Red Rocks Church is one of the fastest-growing congregations in the country, with people attending their campuses throughout Colorado, Texas, and Belgium. The team’s ethos originated when the church first opened its first satellite campus. Worship Pastor Tyler Roberts says, “During that season, we brought on more worship leaders for our new campus. We were trying to figure out how to align these different voices and agree on what to sing each Sunday. We quickly learned that each of us has different backgrounds and different tastes. We wondered, ‘What if we met together weekly for prayer and just started writing songs together?’ So, our songwriting and identity as Red Rocks Worship grew from that time of seeking to become unified as one voice.”  The church and worship team are built around a singular vision: To make Heaven more crowded.  To that end, Red Rocks Worship crafts irresistible music that magnifies an irresistible God. Each faith-filled anthem carries a thread that runs throughout Red Rocks Church, a desire to remove religious barriers and elevate what matters most: people in need of a Savior. And no matter the song, no matter the medium, the group’s goal is simple: we want everyone to know the only way, the truth, and the life found in Jesus.

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