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Team Us

with Ted and Ashleigh Slater

Team Us Episodes
Why Becoming a Team Takes Time... and That’s Okay
May 11, 2021 - 19 min
From its inconceivable R.O.U.Ses to its iconic lines, the 1987 film The Princess Bride is a favorite at our house. For us, one of the most memorable characters is Inigo Montoya. His patience and persistence as he hunts for the six-fingered man remind us that it takes time to execute a “death wish.” But what does a “death wish” have to do with marriage? While we joined a new team when we promised, “I do,” that doesn’t mean the unity and cooperation we talked about in episode 1 are going to be easy or automatic. It takes time after we get married to make that transition from “me” to “us.” One reason is that all of us come to marriage with ingrained habits. These are the things that steal joy from our relationship, keep us from walking in unity and practicing cooperation, and can even weaken our resolve to stay committed. Listen in as we share three practical ways you can practice patience for the old as you and your spouse work together toward the new. 3 Ways to Practice Patience, Persistence, and Grace: 1. Pick your battles (recognize the difference between our spouse sinning and our spouse just annoying us). 2. Make a Communication Sandwich 3. Focus on progress, not perfection Us Time Challenge: Take some time to make a list of a few ways you’ve noticed that the other has made progress in an area. Figure out a fun and creative way to affirm each other for their growth. Team Us Resources: Links Mentioned in This Episode: Connect with Ted and Ashleigh: | |
How to Create a Game Plan for Your Marriage
April 20, 2021 - 24 min
Have you ever watched curling matches during the Winter Olympics? We have! One year, we found ourselves hooked on this sport that’s nicknamed “chess on ice!” And, as we observed the strategy, intentionality, and sweeping that curling requires, we couldn’t help but compare it to marriage! Every team, whether it’s in curling or in marriage, does better with a game plan. Yet, it’s the sweeping—or grace—that helps us as couples bring home the gold. Grace is to marriage what sweepers are to curling. So, if you’re not sure what sweeping even is, listen in as we explain the basics of curling. We also chat about anime volleyball, and give you practical ways you can create a game plan for your marriage. 5 Game Plan Strategies for Your Team Us: 1. Literally get on the same page 2. Have a shared understanding of grace 3. Believe the best about each other 4. Play to each other’s strengths 5. Celebrate the victories, not the defeats Take the "Us Time Challenge": Like we did, schedule a time and place to literally get on the same page. Grab paper and pens and go to a park, a coffee shop, or sit down together at your dining room table. Spend some time writing down qualities you’d like to see better characterize your marriage. Talk about specific ways you can work toward each ideal. Team Us Resources Links Mentioned in This Episode Connect with Ted and Ashleigh: | | Episode Image Credit: Getty/artbesouro
What You Can Learn from History’s Most Infamous Couple
April 19, 2021 - 25 min
As a couple, we’ve had a lot of firsts! From the first time we met over 19 years ago to our first kind-of date to the first time we held hands. So, on this very first episode of the Team Us podcast, we share some of those firsts with you. Yet we don’t stop there! We also talk about the very first human team—Adam and Eve. They’re a duo we consider history’s most infamous couple. Because, as we all know, they really messed up. But here’s where our conversation might be different from a lot of what you usually hear about Adam and Eve. Our primary focus isn’t on how they messed up. Listen in as we talk about them pre-fall and lay a foundation for what makes a good team. You’ll discover three “team us” qualities that characterized Adam and Eve’s marriage that you can practice too! 3 Qualities Every Team Us Needs: 1. Unity 2. Cooperation 3. Commitment Us Time Challenge: Set aside some time as a couple to enjoy a few episodes of The Amazing Race on your streaming service. Think about and discuss the following: • Which teams are most successful? • What qualities set them apart? • Which teams do you find yourself cheering on the most? Why? • How can you become more like the teams you admire? Team Us Resources Links Mentioned in This Episode Connect with Ted and Ashleigh: | |
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