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Famous at Home

with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

#106: Your Questions: Child Anger, Single Parenting, Foster Kids & Emotional Safety

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We love getting your questions and discussing the topics dear to your heart. In this week's episode, we discuss the following topics and questions:

* Kids should be allowed to feel anger, but should we allow our kids to stomp off in their anger? It feels like such a fine line to walk.
* When our children don't transition well, or don't want to transition well, from one activity or event to another, what do I do?
* As a single mom, how do I compensate for my children not having a father?
* I'm emotionally safe for my kids, but my husband is not. Are there extra things I can do?
* I'm a foster mom and our kids are transitioning back to their parents. How can I prepare them?

The Questions: 

I have a 4-year-old little girl and 1-year-old twins. I can't wait to get your feelings book. Something you guys mentioned in your Kids Who Can Empathize episode was that we should allow our kids to feel that anger. I think you mentioned allowing your kids to stomp. This may be a ridiculous question, but is stomping always acceptable? My daughter got upset that I didn't give her way about something and she stomped off to her room. Is this considered disrespectful? Or should it be allowed because she's expressing I upset her by not giving her what she wanted? I feel like it's a fine line. How do we teach them when it's acceptable?  --Jourdan

My husband and I have two boys three and six. My husband is transitioning into a new career which has led him yet again to a new schedule. I own a business and work full-time. Our children attend to a private Christian school and are surrounded by a wonderful tribe. My question is an ongoing issue of our eldest son. He is full of life and energy as little boy should be. We struggle with listening and follow through. He does not like transitions at all. He will do anything he can to make sure that we are late. We have tried rewards. We have tried talking about respect and loving. I know that this issue hits a trigger for me because as a child my mother was always late and therefore as an adult I am always early. Each day throughout the day it is a struggle getting up transitioning to breakfast transitioning to backpacks transitioning to getting dressed or getting out the door. Even leaving school we have to go and say goodbye to all of the teachers. And then, when we get home, transitioning into the next thing. I’m not sure where he is coming from and in our conversations his answer is I just want to play mommy. We spent most of our time at home cooking together, doing Legos together, or art, or whatever they want to do. I am a hands-on mother who just wants to help my kiddo. This one just hits the right spot since it affects everyone in the family as well as others around us. --Kristin

I just listened to the two podcasts on raising boys and girls, by David Thomas and Sissy Goff, respectively. They were really insightful and helpful for me, especially the one with David regarding boys. I know the father's role was mentioned in those podcasts, and I wondered if they, or you, have any advice for single parents. I am a single mom, and my kids' father is not involved. They haven't even seen him in four years. I have a son, 7 and a daughter, 4. I so appreciated the podcasts and even bought the book by David Thomas but honestly, I am feeling so overwhelmed and kind of anxious right now. Any special words for single parents? --Jenn

You talk about how emotional safety of parents is the key of raising children. I couldn't agree more and am so willing to change things in my life to become more emotionally safe. I'm ordering your book Safe House...

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May 08, 2019
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Dr. Josh and Christi Straub are speakers, authors, and marriage and leadership coaches. Together, they lead Famous at Home, a company equipping leaders, corporations, and families in emotional intelligence and relational connection.

Josh and Christi host the Famous at Home podcast (amassing more than 2.5 million downloads), lead a yearlong coaching program called the Leader's Heart Cohort. They co-wrote three children’s books: What Am I Feeling?, What Do I Do with Worry? and What Do I Do with Anger? to help parents foster emotional awareness in kids.

Together, they also just released their latest book Famous at Home: 7 Decisions to Putting Your Family Center Stage in a World Competing for Your Time, Attention and Identity. Josh and Christi love adventuring and making memories with their three kids: Landon, Kennedy, and Micah.

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