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Homeschooling Families by Teach Them Diligently

Leslie Nunnery and David Nunnery

If you’re a homeschool family, you’ve found the right place! Join Leslie Nunnery on the Homeschooling Families Podcast where you’ll find biblical solutions to strengthen your family. Each week, we bring you practical conversations about parenting, marriage, discipleship, education and more. This is a place where you’ll find encouragement and help to equip you to do what God’s called you to do with more confidence and peace.

You have a high calling! Together, let’s explore how to fulfill that well. You can find even more resources and experiences for Christian homeschool families like yours at

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Building Bridges with Words: Navigating Teasing and Tongue-Related Challenges | 262
December 5, 2023 - 35 min
In this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast, Leslie Nunnery and Ginger, two cherished friends, reunite for an insightful and encouraging conversation. Ginger, a seasoned conference speaker and author, shares her passion for addressing common parenting struggles, particularly related to the challenges of guiding children through tongue-related offenses such as teasing, lying, and whining. Leslie and Ginger delve into the heart of the matter, exploring the impact of teasing on relationships and the biblical perspective on communication. Ginger also unveils her exciting venture into children's books, aiming to provide fun and creative ways for kids to grasp essential concepts. Get ready for a conversation filled with wisdom, practical tips, and a touch of humor. Meet The Guest: Ginger is the bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three, Wise Words for Moms, and the new Teaching Children to Use Their Words Wisely book series for children. She speaks at parenting conferences and homeschool conventions across the country, and co-hosts the Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast. You can check out her parenting resources and find out when she’s speaking in or near your area at Topics Covered In This Episode: Leslie and Ginger reunite for an encouraging conversation on parenting and addressing tongue-related offenses. Ginger reflects on the joy of being back at the Teach Them Diligently conference and the impact it has on her. Leslie expresses gratitude for the friendship and ministry of Ginger and her husband Ronnie. Ginger introduces her new focus on addressing tongue-related issues in children through both parenting books and children's books. The discussion focuses on the harm caused by teasing, exploring biblical perspectives and real-life examples. Probing questions are highlighted as a crucial tool for parents to help children evaluate the motives behind teasing. Leslie emphasizes the importance of asking questions that prick the conscience rather than making accusations that harden the will. Ginger shares practical steps for parents, including reproving the child for teasing and training them to edify others. The conversation touches on the significance of finding examples in Scripture to deepen understanding. Additional Resources: Get 10% off all three of Ginger's books when they use the code PARENTING at Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Navigating Triggers and Traps in Homeschooling | 261
November 28, 2023 - 30 min
Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today we are joined by the amazing September McCarthy. In today's episode, Leslie and September will tackle a topic that resonates with many homeschooling parents - recognizing and navigating the triggers and traps in our homeschooling journey. Do you ever find yourself homeschooling because of external expectations? Have you felt alone and stuck in the same cycles, unsure of how to break free? We all have triggers, and September is here to help us identify them, explore ways to change, and ultimately find joy in the homeschooling journey.  Meet the Guest: September is the wife of 34 years, mom to ten children, ages 31-12, Nonna to 12 grandchildren and has been homeschooling for 28 years. September is the author of two books, {Why} Motherhood Matters and Homeschooling Well, to release with Moody Publishers in July. She owns and directs a Hybrid Homeschooling Center in Upstate, NY. She founded and owns September & Co., the on-line and vendor based Discipleship & Educational Resource Shop for families. September lives a busy multi-generational life, homeschooling with a passion or sharing a strong vision for families of the powerful potential they have while embracing the gospel in their homes, lives, and in their calling.  Topics Covered in This Episode: Triggers and Traps in Homeschooling: Comparison trap: The impact of comparing homeschoolers to public schoolers. The need to constantly prove oneself leading to overcompensation. Pressure of always being needed as a homeschool mom. Identifying Triggers: Emotional responses to certain situations. Recognizing cringe, sadness, or discomfort as indicators. Navigating Traps: Importance of going back to the homeschooling mission. Creating lifelong independent learners to reduce dependency. Communication with spouses—finding solutions together. Practical Tips for Moms: Setting up personal space and time for self-care. Seeking help from co-ops and community. Recognizing and addressing thought patterns. Rewiring thinking to avoid falling into negative traps. Encouraging Stories: Examples of homeschool moms successfully navigating triggers. Emphasis on the importance of resetting and reevaluating homeschooling methods. Additional Resources: Find out more about resources from September & Co. HERE Find your episode of {Why} Motherhood Matters HERE Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Bridging the Gap: Nurturing Strong Bonds with Your Teenagers | 260
November 23, 2023 - 30 min
Welcome back to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today's episode is a treasure trove of wisdom as we explore the art of building and maintaining strong relationships with our teenagers.  Joining us today are Hal and Melanie Young and in this episode, we tackle the fundamental question: Why is it so vital to have a good relationship with our teens? Hal and Melanie will share their insights and experiences, drawing from their journey as parents of six boys and two girls, all now grown.  We'll explore the common pitfalls that can cause a break in the parent-teen relationship and discuss practical strategies to navigate and mend those challenges. And for those who've already faced missteps, fear not! Our guests will share invaluable advice on what you can do to rebuild and strengthen those connections.  But the conversation doesn't end there. We'll also delve into the future—how the relationships we nurture with our teens today impact our family dynamics when our kids are all grown up. So, get ready for an episode filled with wisdom, laughter, and genuine insights. Meet the Guests: Hal & Melanie Young are the award-winning, best-selling authors of Raising Real Men, No Longer Little and Love, Honor, and Virtue and the hosts of the Making Biblical Family Life Practical podcast. They are publishers, writers, bloggers, and popular conference speakers internationally, known for their Christ-centered focus and practical, real-life stories. They are the parents of six real boys (all grown!) and two real girls and live in noisy, messy happiness in North Carolina.  Topics Covered in This Episode: Transition to Teenagers: Evolution from focusing on boys to addressing teenagers. Importance of long-term perspective in parenting. Philosophy of Parenting: Focus on the importance of relationships with adult children. Lessons learned from raising teenagers and transitioning to adulthood. Balancing Biblical principles with real-life application. Importance of Relationships: Reflection on adult children being best friends. The significance of relationships over rules in parenting teens. Wisdom gained from experiences with their own teenagers. Listening and Understanding: Transitioning from directive parenting to relational influence. Importance of active listening and understanding teenagers. Addressing the challenge of teenagers feeling unheard or misunderstood. Parenting Approach: Shifting from enforcing rules to coaching and guiding. Examples of coaching moments during teenage years. Navigating the delicate balance of authority and relationship. Handling Disrespect: Dealing with disrespectful behavior without damaging the relationship. The role of injustice in provoking teens and creating wedges. Emphasis on listening first and addressing behavior later. Heart-Centered Parenting: The significance of addressing the heart, not just behavior. Navigating mistakes and using them as opportunities for growth. Using questions to understand the root of a teenager's actions. Apologizing as Parents: Importance of parents admitting mistakes and apologizing. Modeling repentance and forgiveness within the family. Demonstrating Christian values through humility. Additional Resources: Free download on how not to lose your teen HERE Find out more about Hal and Melanie Young HERE Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Navigating the Holidays: A Guide for Adults with Divorced Parents | 259
November 21, 2023 - 36 min
Welcome back to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today, Kent Darcie is back with us. Leslie Nunnery talked to him earlier this fall about the impact of divorce on children, no matter their age when it happens. His insights were incredibly helpful, and his book, "Choose a Better Path," has been a tremendous resource that we have recommended to many. Today, we're delving into a crucial conversation about navigating the holidays when dealing with grief and brokenness, exploring how one can still find joy and healing during this season. Meet the Guest: Kent is not only the founder of Adults with Divorced Parents Ministries but also a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Southeast Michigan. He brings a wealth of expertise and insight to our discussion. Kent is the author of the empowering book, 'Choose a Better Path: Overcoming the Impact of Your Parents’ Divorce.' If that's not impressive enough, Kent and his wife Kathy have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They have three adult kids, providing him with a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of navigating family dynamics over the long haul.  Topics Covered In This Episode: Practical strategies shared for finding joy and healing during the festive season Focus on blessings and gratitude during the holiday season Tips for spouses and friends on supporting those dealing with divorce during holidays Acknowledge and normalize feelings, providing a safe space for individuals to share Practical suggestions for spouses and friends to offer support post-holidays Remembering the Psalms and how individuals can pour out their complaints to the Lord Additional Resources: Learn more about Kent and his ministry Adults with Divorced Parents HERE     Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Raising Money-Smart Kids: Family Financial Socialization | 258
November 16, 2023 - 39 min
Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast, where we explore the intersection of home education and family life. In today's episode, we delve into a vital topic that impacts every household: financial literacy. We'll be discussing what financial literacy is, the consequences of not teaching money skills to your children, effective strategies to impart these skills, the significance of money scripts, and how family dynamics can shape your children's money management skills.  Our guest today, Dr. Linda Simpson, brings a wealth of knowledge with over three decades of experience in teaching financial literacy at the university level. She's here to guide us on the essential journey of empowering your children with the financial skills they need for a secure future.  Meet the Guest: With three decades of experience in teaching financial literacy at the university level, Dr. Linda Simpson has helped people of all ages and life stages to set goals and create simple financial plans that are sustainable to their lifestyle and spending behaviors. In these challenging times, individuals and families are facing uncertainty in their current financial situations, not to mention their financial future. Dr Simpson is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to overcome these challenges. Topics Covered In This Episode: What is financial literacy?  The importance of understanding basic financial concepts and skills.  Consequences of not teaching money skills to your children.  How a lack of financial education can affect your children's future.  Strategies for teaching children about money. Money scripts and their role in a child's money management skills. How our beliefs and attitudes about money influence our financial behavior. <li data-leveltext="" data-font="Symbol" data-listi
Training Your Children for Spiritual Success | 257
November 14, 2023 - 42 min
In this episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, host Leslie Nunnery welcomes Dana Blomberg, a homeschooling veteran of 23 years and mother of three adult children. Dana, associated with Faith Baptist Bible College, shares her passion for discipling children and laying a strong foundation for a lifelong faith journey. The conversation covers the importance of early and intentional discipleship, practical tips for training children in the ways of the Lord, and the transformative power of instilling a Biblical worldview.  Meet the Guest: Dana Blomberg is a homeschooling veteran of 23 years through which she and her husband trained their 3 children to adulthood. She traveled on a conference production team for mom conferences for 5 years, and loves the atmosphere of encouragement provided at such events. Since her kids are now beyond their high school years, she currently is working as the Admissions Coordinator at Faith Baptist Bible College, located in beautiful Ankeny, Iowa. Dana deeply loves the Lord, her husband Terry (best friend), their family (including 3 grandkids), is enthusiastic about college and women’s ministry, as well as helping to bridge the gap between high school and college.  Topics Covered In This Episode: Incorporating faith into everyday life, not just during formal family devotions. Discipling children through sibling relationships and handling disagreements. The role of biblical principles in training children throughout different stages of homeschooling. Encouraging a love for personal time in God's Word and developing a habit of prayer. Teaching discernment and wisdom in navigating the challenges of the last days. Acknowledging the ongoing journey of parenting through different stages, including young adulthood. Additional Resources: Find out more about Faith Baptist Bible College HERE The families who flock to Teach Them Diligently are serious about their mission-- raising their children to know and love God and educating them well to be prepared to serve Him all their days. What they find at Teach Them Diligently is incredible encouragement and help for their journey, great friendships with like-minded, mission-driven families, and resources to make doing their job easy. Teach Them Diligently is THE PLACE for you! Get your ticket today and plan to join us in Pigeon Forge, TN or Branson, MO in May 2024. We can't wait to see you there!! Find out more HERE. Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Transforming Higher Education for the Next Generation | A Holistic Approach to Learning | 256
November 9, 2023 - 35 min
Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. We very excited about the topic of our conversation today because things are different than they were when most parents were finishing high school, thinking about college. The opportunities available to our kids have evolved dramatically, and as homeschoolers, we should be thrilled about the tailored education that allows our children to thrive. Joining Leslie Nunnery today is Andrew Chambers, head of campus life at Excel College in Black Mountain, North Carolina, an innovative Christian college that forges a new educational path for students to become wise, mature, and productive adults who live purposeful and fulfilling lives.  Meet the Guest: Andrew Chambers is the Head of Campus Life at Excel College in Black Mountain, NC. Excel is an innovative Christian college forging a new educational path for students to become wise, mature, and productive adults who live purposeful, fulfilling lives. He and his wife Charity live on campus with their two boys, Evan and Jesse, and love every minute. Topics Covered In This Episode: Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Discussing how higher education has evolved over the years, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities it presents for homeschooling families. Excel College's Unique Approach: Exploring Excel College's innovative approach to education and how it aligns with the principles of homeschooling. The Core Program: Understanding the core program at Excel College, which involves question-based learning and in-depth exploration of various subjects, including theology, philosophy, mathematics, anthropology, sociology, and fine arts. Socratic Circles: Delving into the concept of Socratic circles and how they facilitate discussion, discovery-based learning, and intellectual growth. Apprenticeships and Internships: Discussing how Excel College prepares students for adulthood by providing opportunities for real-world experiences, apprenticeships, internships, and part-time work. Discovering One's Calling: Exploring the importance of helping students discover their true calling and how education can be tailored to match their unique gifts and talents. Integration of Faith in Education: Highlighting the role of faith in education and how Excel College emphasizes the importance of a Christian worldview in students' academic journey. Preparing for a Life of Purpose: Discussing how Excel College equips students to transition into adulthood with a focus on building healthy marriages, families, and communities, and contributing to the marketplace. Parental Involvement: Emphasizing the role of parents in their children's educational journey and how they can collaborate with Excel College to support their kids. Exciting Possibilities in Education: Exploring the dynamic and exciting possibilities in education today, particularly for homeschooling families seeking tailored, purpose-driven learning experiences. Additional Resources: Find out more about Excel College HERE Find out more about Excel Camp HERE   Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Resilient Homeschooling: Navigating the 'Throw in the Towel' Moments | 255
November 7, 2023 - 34 min
Welcome to the Homeschooling Families podcast. Today we are excited to have SaraRuth Owens join us as we discuss some of the hard parts of homeschooling and how parents can often feel discouraged and want to "throw in the towel". Homeschooling is a deeply rewarding journey, but it can also be incredibly demanding and filled with stressors. At times, it may seem like you're on the verge of giving up. But don't worry, you're not alone. We've all been there.  In this episode, we'll explore the common stressors that homeschooling families face and, most importantly, we'll provide you with valuable insights on how to manage these moments when you're at the breaking point. Our guest speaker for today, SaraRuth Owens, is a homeschooling expert with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to share.  Meet the Guest: Public school teacher turned work from home mother of three, SarahRuth and her family hail from the southern Appalachian mountains. She and her husband both traded their 9-5s for smaller gigs on the side, so they could spend their days doing life together. This is the heart of their business - helping families DO LIFE TOGETHER because: TIME TOGETHER &gt; THINGS. Topics Covered in this Episode: Transitioning from a teaching career to homeschooling. The importance of valuing relationships over strict educational structures. Strategies for handling challenging days and balancing self-care while homeschooling. Seeking wisdom from Scripture, mentorship, and self-care practices. Finding a supportive community and resources during difficult homeschooling periods. Additional Resources: Find more about SaraRuth and Kindle Togetherness HERE Follow Kindle Togetherness on Instagram HERE Learn more about TTD365 HERE Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Morning Moments: Navigating Homeschool Bliss with Morning Time | 254
November 2, 2023 - 35 min
In today's episode, we're talking all about morning time, that cherished ritual that sets the stage for your entire day, bringing families together, and nurturing relationships that stand the test of time. Our special guest, Vanessa Pebley, shares her insight and experience on making morning time work for all ages and stages, offering a warm and encouraging perspective that every homeschooling family can relate to.  Morning Time is a powerful tool for a Heart Schooling Parent, because it lends itself so well to understanding the hearts and learning styles of your children as well as affording amazing opportunities for conversation and relationship-building. All those things and more are integral to the Heart Schooling paradigm I teach in my new book. "Heart School, How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators", can be purchased on our website, and I really encourage you to pick up a copy today. In it, you’ll not only get actionable insight on how to set up your own Heart School, but you’ll also be able to work through evaluations to see where you are today. I pray it’s an incredible resource for your family. Learn more about Heart School HERE.   Topics Covered In This Episode: Morning time in homeschooling: An intentional gathering of the family for shared learning and topics. The anchor of the homeschool day: Morning time provides cohesion and togetherness to the family's routine. Starting small: Begin with a simple routine and gradually build upon it. Flexibility and adaptability: Morning time can be tailored to different family dynamics and seasons of motherhood. Consistency is key: Establish a habit of coming together regularly. Getting to know your children: Morning time reveals the hearts and minds of your kids and uncovers hidden talents. Fostering meaningful discussions: Engaging in discussions during morning time encourages critical thinking and understanding. Aligning with your family's vision and mission: Implement morning time in a way that reflects your unique homeschooling goals and priorities.  Additional Resources: Find out more about Vanessa HERE Follow Mighty Oaks and Arrows @mightyoaksandarrows Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
Journey to Bethlehem: A Musical Celebration of Christmas | 253
October 31, 2023 - 40 min
Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today, we have a special treat for you as we sit down with Adam and Nikki Anders, the talented couple behind the upcoming project, "Journey to Bethlehem." This remarkable musical production tells the timeless story of the birth of Christ in a vibrant and joyful way that's perfect for the entire family. Join us as we dive into the fascinating journey of how this project came to life, from its initial spark in Adam's mind to its realization on the big screen. Discover the remarkable lessons they learned along the way, from the importance of patience to the powerful impact of aligning their lives with the very story they're telling.  In this episode, you'll gain insights into the behind-the-scenes answers to prayer that brought the cast together, including the discovery of the perfect Mary, a chemistry that clicked with Joseph, and the hunt for a big-name star to take on the role of Herod. Adam and Nikki's passion for creating a family-friendly, faith-inspiring film shines through in this discussion, and their dedication to delivering a message of hope and joy during the holiday season is truly inspiring. We are so excited for you to hear the hear behind the making of the movie, and the reasons behind the way they approached it. If you have a dream or you feel like God has called you to do something for Him, you’ll be so inspired by this episode as Adam and Nikki share how God’s timing and God’s ways made the project so much better than they could have ever imagined.   Topics Covered In This Episode: Insight into the inspiration behind "Journey to Bethlehem." The importance of music in conveying the Christmas story. The role of historical context in the film's production. Balancing creative license and Biblical accuracy in storytelling. The unexpected lessons and takeaways from the project. Personal anecdotes from Adam and Nikki's journey. The powerful message of patience and faith. Additional Resources: Journey to Bethlehem is a story about a young woman carrying an unimaginable responsibility. A young man torn between love and honor. A jealous king who will stop at nothing to keep his crown. This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told, the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A unique new entry into the collection of holiday classic movies, this epic Christmas musical is unlike any before it. Visit to find out more.   This movie provides our families a great discipleship tool as well as a great outreach opportunity, and I cannot encourage you strongly enough to check it out and get tickets to take your family there to enjoy the film together.     Discover more Christian podcasts at and inquire about advertising opportunities at
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Meet Your Hosts
Meet Your Hosts
Leslie Nunnery is a Christian author, speaker, and homeschooling advocate. She is the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently, a ministry that provides resources and experiences to strengthen Christian homeschooling families. Leslie is also the author of several books on parenting and homeschooling, including "Teach Them Diligently: Raising Children of Promise," and "Heart School: How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators." Through her work, Nunnery aims to encourage and equip families to raise their children to love and serve God.

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David Nunnery is the founder of Teach Them Diligently, a ministry dedicated to equipping and encouraging families to disciple and home educate their children. He is also the author of Transform Journals, Thanksgiving in the Psalms. In addition, David is the president of Worldwide Tentmakers, an organization that supports tentmaking missionaries who use their professional skills to support themselves while serving as missionaries.

David is passionate about helping families grow in their faith and helping believers find their place in the Great Commission. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events across the United States and is committed to supporting the efforts of missionaries around the world.
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